About partcipation my  exhibition in Germany

━━━ My exhibition in Germany

  • A poet, who used to be a painter, saw my work (Prayer for life) and advised me to do an exhibition overseas. The timing was right as I was thinking the same thing around that time. Then, “Berliner Liste Art Fair” (Germany) offered me a place so I have decided to participate.

━━━ What is the main point?

  • I had an image for my work before the Great East Japan Earthquake. I tried out several pieces and thought it should be expressed in a large piece. It took me about four years to complete the whole process.
    When you stand in front of the picture, I would like you to feel being embraced, to hear my sincere wish.

━━━ About The culture of Japan

  • I sometimes paint using Sumi ink and such a style came from Japanese traditional culture. I would be grateful if you would recognize some elements of Japanese spirits from my works.