With my theme of "Roots of life and love"

I am ever so thankful that I am able to continue painting.

It is said that what one paints shows what one has done in life. 25 years have gone by since I started doing solo exhibitions. During these years, I have been following the theme "The greatness of life" to create my art as I have struggled to live my own life. On course, my paintings have changed from deformed-representational to abstract unintentionally.
At some point, I despaired in the struggle against my own hardships and sank down deeply. But then I realized that for me to draw is to save my body and soul. It won't be separated from me and I felt great love from doing so.
"Keep drawing no matter what," I told myself as I drew. Then it hit me that there is something in common between representational and abstract art. It might have struck a deep chord of my heart.
I will dig down into my theme of "Roots of life and love" and continue creating more and more with my paintings.



Mami Ozaki  Profilfile
・1986 Tama Art University oil painting family (Printmaking course) graduation
Central watercolor Association winning of the prize
・1992 Fujita Health University Part-time lecturer (1992-present)
Assumption to Painting classroon” Atelier-Grove” as supervision (1992-present).
MBC thumbhole art exhibition winning of the prize
・2003 New century art exhibition first winning a prize (-present)
・2007 FUKUI thumbhole art exhibition Fukui Broadcasting prize
Mihama art exhibition Winning of the prize
・2008 FUKUI thumbhole art exhibition   Incentive award
Mihama art exhibition Winning of the prize
・2009 Creative City Hamamatsu art exhibition Winning of the prize
Mihama art exhibition Winning of the prize
・2010 Aichi Triennale paint
Mihama art exhibition Winning of the prize
・2011 Rikuzentakata-shi live painting
・2012 Paris international salon drawing exhibition
New century art exhibition Member
The art exhibition which impresses fine arts in 2013 (Tokyo art theater)
Shanghai art-plan exhibition participation (shanghai-whogetsusha gallery)
・2014 OASIS in Osaka
・2015 Sesshu international Art society Exihibition
~Looking for the Sesshu international society special display of fine arts-the 21st century Sesshu in 2015  (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum).
New century art exhibition Patrol exhibition
Open space Kodachi (95,96) Art gallery JINGARA (97,98,02)
Gallery Buna-noki (03,05,07,09) Fraisvert (05,08) Sound of Forest Gallery (06)
Ginza K's gallery (09) Ginza Gallery’s Okabe (11)
◆Group exhibition
A lot

尾崎真実 略歴

1959年   愛知県豊明市生まれ
1986年   多摩美術大学油絵科(木版画教室)卒業
       水彩画協会 版画部門入選
1992年   藤田保健衛生大学短期大学 非常勤講師(1992~現在)
       絵画教室を あとりえ木立と改名 主宰となる(1992~現在)
2003年   新世紀美術展初入選(~現在)
2007年   FUKUIサムホール美術展 福井放送賞
       美浜美術展 入選
2008年   FUKUIサムホール美術展 奨励賞
       美浜美術展 入選
2009年   創造都市はままつ絵画公募展 入選
       美浜美術展 入選
2010年   愛知トリエンナーレペイント
       美浜美術展 入選
2011年   陸前高田市ライブペイント
2012年   パリ国際サロンドローイング展
       新世紀美術展 会員
2013年   美術の祭典 心を打つアート展(東京芸術劇場)
上海企画展参加 (風月舎)
2014年   OASIS in大阪
2015年   雪舟国際美術協会 特別展 ~21世紀の雪舟を探せ(東京都美術館) 
       新世紀美術展 巡回展
オープンスペース木立(95,96) 画廊じんがら(97,98,02)
銀座K’sギャラリー(09) 銀座ギャラリーオカベ(11)